Sportsbook Raid to Result in 32 prosecutions According to Unconfirmed Reports

Sportsbook Raid to Result in 32 prosecutions According to Unconfirmed Reports

Gambling911, the gambling news portal, in its exclusive report which it has attained from a source that is not identified, this week, revealed that a leading enforcement operation by New York authorities has led to the capture of 32 offshore sportsbooks agents into the hands of the staff of the District Attorney of Queens.

It appears that it was some kind of a sting operation and as much as $300,000 was captured from at least one of those detained. The details of the operation are forthcoming.

The Gambling911  reports that search warrants were attained by the law enforcement authorities that were directed at the online gambling  that was involved. The  is yet to be identified. Law enforcement agents succeeded in monitoring the activities of the arrested agents and this included all of the bets placed as well as those that were won. This was done through the Internet using a special code breaking method.

In an upcoming press conference, which is scheduled to take place this Wednesday, the DA’s office of Queens will probably announce those who were arrested in addition to providing greater details.

Most of the agents had wire taps placed on them as a part of the sting operation. These tacked all of their activities and movements between Las Vegas and New York. The betting group is located in the Bronx area of Hunts Point.

The Internet servers that functioned for the agents and the offshore sportsbook’s  are located in Atlanta and in Florida.

Gambling911 also confirmed that law enforcement agencies have made known that the arrest of yet another offshore betting operation which was involved in credit, resulted in the arrest backing July of David Carruthers, the CEO of BetonSports whose company is said to have provided facilities for the defendants.